Focus On Your Business

At Xeata we believe that your resources are best spent on running your business...

We provide the tools, services and the team to make that possible.

50,000+ companies run Odoo to grow their businesses.

Join us and make your company a better place.

Xeata is an Odoo Ready Partner

Here's what we do....

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Scale.  We help you Scale.

Rather than offer "Junior" or "Limited" version of solutions, Xeata believes that the tools your build your business upon need to scale with your business.  From as small as you need - to as big as you can imagine - our solutions scale. 

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Ensure that you own your Data

Cloud is great - but not if it's a trap.  Xeata can manage your I.T. for you, but never takes ownership away from you.  In the cloud or in your own servers, Xeata ensures that your data is always YOUR data.

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Ensure Your Data is Secure

In today's quagmire of Crypto-Lockers, Home Offices and "BYOD" (Bring Your Own Device), your data needs to be more than just backed up.  Xeata ensures that your data stays safe - no matter what.

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Fully Managed Infrastructure

Xeata provides a full line of managed hardware so that you don't have to worry about it.  It just works. 

From your Surge-Protector/Power Bar to your entire network and server infrastructure, Our staff monitors it all - we ensure it all keeps running - and you never even wonder about patching or wifi or switches.

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Here's How...

Xeata researches and tests to ensure that we are using the most reliable and best supported of "Enterprise Class" Open-Source products. This means our clients have worry-free infrastructure with great support options in a stable of products that integrate very well.

​These are a few of our key vendors and partners...

Odoo Enterprise ERP

Professional ERP system with everything required to run your business.

Proxmox (Virtual Servers / Backup Servers)

The best Enterprise Class, Open-Source virtualization and backup solutions.

Stripe Payments

Easily accept online, e-commerce payments and integrate with Odoo.


A full suite of remotely mangaed Storage, Power and Network devices.

Netgate (PFSense)

The very best in Enterprise Class, Open-Source network gateway devices.

Unifi Networks

Fully managed, professional class network infrastructure.